Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Perfect Steal

This past summer the Huney and I did some bargain shopping at NC States Flea Market. Surprisingly the market had a lot to see! We even ran into some old and new friends. Our mission was to find maternity clothes for my growing belly and was actually looking for the vendor "Dress the Bump". Unfortunately what we found was far from prego apparel :( ...maybe my expectations were a little too high. I was however a little disappointed I'd be back to squeezing into my rubber band button jeans for a while. Deciding to make the best of a beautiful Saturday, we enjoyed some fairground funnel cakes and hot dogs. Itching to spend some money we stopped at one last vendors booth and  found thee-per-fect-steal. A 23 piece wicker picnic basket for $20.00. Perfect!! I immediately started thinking of all the delicious treats I could bake to fill my new basket and imagined warm Saturday afternoons at the park with the family. Snapping out of it- I quickly made up my mind and told my Huney "I want it" Huney says "Ok". After a few minutes of negotiating we scored the classic basket for $15 bucks. Excited!!

The basket is large and sturdy with a leather closing buckle. The wicker is a bit worn-but I like the old look of it.The inside is lined with a vintage inspired grape floral print- adds a little character. The 23 pieces includes 4 dinner sets of plates, cups, utensils, a silverware pouch and  a microcore hot/cold pack with a cover. I was really surprised all the pieces were still inside.  


I asked Huney what types of food would he like for a picnic...of course he says fried chicken. Really though- for a picnic...I guess that's what I'll be making. I'll also finally try a few new cookie recipes I've been daydreaming about. 
::From Summer to Fall I haven't utilized this simple treasure- I'd better get started winter is around the corner:: 

Sunday, December 12, 2010


This blog is dedicated to the young people of the world. "The Lit Path" is a reliable source of real talk Q&A from you to me to God. I guess you can call me an intercessor. I aspire to help you stay on the illuminated  path of righteousness by sharing my heart. I realize I'm taking on a major responsibility but I'm up for the challenge. The inspiration comes from the youth of Old Liberty Baptist Church of Youngsville North Carolina. One weekend I was invited to sit on a panel and answer questions from teens whom dedicated their life to Christ. Being extremely encouraged and excited by the dialog, I knew there was much more that we needed to discuss and from that; the idea of "The Lit Path" was born. So enjoy, check back from time to time for general blog posts. Feel free to shoot me a question at any time and I'll be sure to check with our Father to ensure you get the answer you need!